Pedophilia and the American Future

An excerpt from a post by J.R. Dunn at American Thinker:

Is the U.S. on the brink of terminal, irrecoverable decadence? Have we, at long last, become Rome? Public acceptance of sexual deviance begins with the upper classes — the elite — and then trickles down. In large part, the middle class has accepted these developments in recent years. Many things once taboo — openly sold porn, public prostitution, homosexuality — have been integrated into social life.

How much chance is there that pedophilia will follow?

We’re going to find out. Pedophilia is already deeply embedded in political life. Epstein was a mammoth supporter of Democrats, up to and including Barack Obama. (He also apparently attempted to inveigle Bill Clinton into joining his frolics. How this could have failed is anybody’s guess.) Terry Bean’s connections speak for themselves.  And don’t forget Anne Covey, the Pennsylvania judge willing to downgrade criminal pedophilia on legal technicalities. Pedophilia is the black secret of current politics.

Apart from that, the LGBT movement is beginning to focus its efforts on legitimizing pedophilia — always the Grail of the gay rights movement. Many of the movement’s saints — Harvey Milk, Harry Hays — shared this proclivity along with Terry Bean. The gay interpretation here is that it’s in the best interests of young homosexuals to be “guided” by older gays rather than their parents, who know nothing of the gay lifestyle. Using the same logic, it would be “best” for young prostitutes, junkies, and schizophrenics to seek such older “guidance” as well.

There’s no question that sexual depravity is a sign of serious social decline. Pedophilia may well be the moral acid test for American society. Twenty years ago, the notion of gay marriage was ludicrous. Today, it’s being forced on the country by rogue judges, and will shortly face a moment of truth before the Supreme Court. My guess is that it’s simply a bridge too far and the public as a whole will revolt. We may well see a long overdue retrenchment in public morality. People are not willingly going to give up their kids to the “guidance” of pedophiles.

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