Pelosi’s Petty Nastiness and the Fall of the Democratic Party

Newt Gingrich outlines Pelosi’s petty nastiness and the fall of the Democratic Party — Trump is helping our side learn how to win in the information war:

When the Democrats collapse in a sweep this fall, a significant part of their failure will be traced to their pettiness and nastiness.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s behavior at the State of the Union was only the most recent example of someone who is out-of-control and simply doesn’t understand what the larger country is seeing.

Of course, the night before, the Democrats’ dance of self-destruction in Iowa had reminded people they have become the party of incompetence. (Their inability to count something as simple as a caucus was a vivid reminder that Democrats could not possibly run a national health care system.)

On Tuesday, Pelosi reminded everyone that Democrats are the party of viciousness.

We all watched Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Pelosi endure standing next to each other — with virtually no conversation — for 20 minutes as the various groups came into the House chamber. It was clear this State of the Union was going to be a little tense.

President Trump was well received when he entered the Chamber. Democrats as well as Republicans shook his hand and chatted happily with him as he came down the aisle.

When Speaker Pelosi offered her hand and President Trump ignored it, the burden of civility seemed to be on the President.

However, Pelosi ensured that would not last. Her introduction of simply, “the President of the United States” was jarring to anyone who knew that the traditional introduction (which I had used for President Bill Clinton four times). Traditionally, the Speaker says to members of Congress: “I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States.” Speaker Pelosi’s omission of the honorific was a deliberate and planned insult to President Trump.

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