Peter Ferarra destroys Romneycare (and Ann Coulter)

It’s a long article but if you want to understand the evolution of and problem with the individual insurance mandate, it’s worth your time. As a bonus, you’ll read yet another reason why Mitt Romney shouldn’t be nominated and an example of how poor Ann Coulter is losing it.

Just three short excerpts:

This episode perfectly illustrates the problem with the lifelong liberal Mitt Romney, coming from a liberal heritage going back to his father, now stepping forward to lead Republicans against the Marxist infiltrator Barack Obama. Inevitably, Romney will pull the Republican Party to the left and crack up the Reagan coalition which has dominated the party since 1980.


Everything about Romney screams “Country Club Republican.” This is not a man who will inspire the conservative grassroots to come out in maximum force, carrying Republicans with him to victory in the Senate, as Reagan — and later Gingrich — did. Instead, Romney is the perfect foil and caricature for Obama’s political strategy this year, a perfect example of the problem, according to Obama’s narrative.


Tea Party Republicans are not going to sit still for another round of George H.W. Bush, which is what Romney is offering us. They will bolt, resulting in the breakup of the Republican party. That is the fire we are playing with in Mitt Romney.

Read the entire column here.