Peter LaBarbera and Americans for Truth needs and deserves your support

I’ve written previously about author and talk show host Tammy Bruce‘s harsh words for the leadership of the “homosexual rights” movement and for those who seek to –

– “indoctrinate decent, thoughtful people into accepting that the standards by which they were raised are wrong.”

Tammy’s words are made all the more important because she describes herself as pro-choice, a feminist, and a lesbian who was at one point a part of the left’s political leadership.

Why would someone choose not to keep his or her sex life private but instead engage in the effort to undermine traditional morality? Read Tammy Bruce’s version of this question and the beginning of her answer from her book “The Death of Right and Wrong“:

“From where does this madness spring? Why this compulsion to change our society’s culture to mirror the Left Elite’s own worldview? This pattern of the Left Elite’s projecting their issues onto society isn’t as odd as you may think. It makes perfect sense, according to the most respected psychoanalysts of our age. Childhood trauma, stress disorders, and the resulting malignant narcissism all play a part in the Left’s victim mentality and in their effort, mostly subconscious, to shape our world to mirror their own damaged psyches.”

If I were to have written that paragraph it would be decried as outrageous hate speech. It’s really bad news for the “homosexual rights” movement that those words were written by a homosexual woman who understands that cultural standards exist for a reason and that our private lives are best kept private.

If Peter LaBarbera had written that paragraph, he would have been called “Satan’s lover.” Actually Pete was recently called that – you can see the picture to the right. Read the story about that particular protest on the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality website.

The truth about Pete LaBarbera’s work is that he’s incredibly effective in his work bringing awareness to the depravity that exists in the homosexual community. Pete is under constant attack by those who, in my view – and in the words of Tammy Bruce – avoid psychological recovery.

Instead of focusing on individual change, they protest Pete’s work. Again, as Tammy Bruce has written, there is a “subconscious transference of the injured person’s trauma onto society.”

A person’s state of mind impels their behavior, and in the view of Ms. Bruce, this lack of recovery from trauma is the motivating factor behind those who seek to undermine traditional moral standards. The promotion and public display of the myriad “sexual orientations” is an obvious tactic of those with this radical social agenda.

According to Ms. Bruce:

“The Left has had to restrict individual freedom of thought and deed in order to destroy the concept of judgment and undermine notions of right and wrong that have been held nearly universally for millennia.”

To an extent it’s working. For example, Big Media and Big Business are easily misled. Opinion leaders like those on newspaper editorial boards and in corporate boardrooms still don’t even know what’s going on.

“The effort, using the mass media primarily, was and is to brainwash the public into believing that certain sexual practices are merely ‘alternative lifestyles.'”

The human experience involves many strong inner drives and seemingly innate preferences. Judging whether it’s wise to act on certain desires isn’t bigotry – it’s a common sense determination based on morality.

It takes courage to hold up a standard. Pete LaBarbera is setting an example for courage that should be followed by Republican politicians, church leaders, and conservatives everywhere.

Reporting on the sickness of a political movement that has at its heart strange sexual practices is a lousy enough task. It can’t get much worse than having to be on the front lines opposing the political agenda of a group of people who want nothing more in life than everyone’s acceptance of that strangeness.

But Peter LaBarbera and his organization are doing important work well. I encourage you to regularly visit theAmericans for Truth website to learn about the true nature of a movement that is opposite of the original meaning of the word “gay.”

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality needs and deserves your financial support. Click here to learn how you can help their work.

(Much of the above language was borrowed from here.)

©2009 John F. Biver