Pinocchio Rauner vs. West Point Grad Jeanne Ives: No Contest

Here is Laurie Higgins writing about Pinocchio Rauner:

Last week, former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Donna Brazile, revealed that in order to access Hillary Clinton’s filthy lucre, the bankrupt DNC agreed to be in cahoots with Clinton to ensure her victory. Surely conservatives are not so naïve as to believe this type of corruption is limited to the DNC and the Clinton cabal.

Here in Illinois, we have seen GOP governors go to prison; boorish Pat Brady, former chair of the ILGOP, stab conservatives in the back by privately urging Republican lawmakers to support same-sex faux-marriage, and “No-Social-Agenda” Rauner bald-face lie to Illinoisans.

Bruce Rauner is a confidence man, a bunco artist, a thimblerigger—a man who deliberately deceives in order to achieve his agenda, which includes public financing of the murders of the least among us. (And this in a state with no money.)

At his press conference announcing that he had reneged on his commitment to veto the bill that requires public funding of abortion—a commitment he made to Cardinal Blaise Cupich and the Catholic Conference of Illinois—Rauner actually said this: “The moral argument against [HB] 40 is very powerful and in my view not debatable. It is irrefutable.”

Evidently, the morally challenged Rauner decided to go with the debatable, refutable moral argument.

His social agenda also included helping “trans”-identifying persons more easily obtain falsified birth certificates.

On October 23, Rauner released a doozy of a campaign video to launch his re-election bid. Riding on his Harley like an aging son of anarchy, Rauner says, “I crisscrossed the state, looked people in the eye, and promised to fight business as usual.”

Well, he also looked some people in the eye and lied. He looked some Illinoisans in the eye and said he had no social agenda. He looked some of us in the eye and said he believes “life begins at conception.” If that’s true, then he’s a sociopath.

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