Pinocchio Rauner’s Deceitful Campaign Ads

Here is Laurie Higgins writing about Pinocchio Rauner’s deceitful campaign ads:

Pinocchio Rauner has astoundingly deceitful campaign ads about campaign rival Jeanne Ives running on Fox News and appearing like stinkbugs and cockroaches in the mailboxes of the good people of Illinois.

Let’s take a quick look at the putrescent propaganda that I found stinking up my mailbox. Here are Rauner’s lies in yellow followed by the truth.

Rauner lie #1: Ives is a “career politician.”

Truth: The 53-year-old Ives began her career in the Illinois State House in January 2013, so she just completed her 5th year in Springfield. Rauner just completed 3 years in Springfield. If Illinoisans are foolish enough to re-elect Pinocchio, will he be a “career politician” in a mere two years?

Rauner lie #2: “Jeanne Ives supports Mike Madigan’s 32% tax increase.”

Truth: While 15 Republicans voted for Mighty Madigan’s 32% tax increase, Ives was not one of them. She voted “No.” Note that weaselly Rauner did not say Ives voted for the tax increase. His ad says she “supports” Madigan’s tax increase. So, since she voted against the tax increase, on what basis can Rauner claim she “supports” Madigan’s increase?

In a teeny tiny footnote on his despicable campaign mailer, Rauner cites the January 23, 2018 issue of Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine as the source for his claim that Ives supports the tax increase she voted against. So, let’s take a little look-see at what Crain’s actually reported:

Ives said she’d start by working to repeal the income tax hike that was approved over Rauner’s veto. But “I wouldn’t do that immediately,” she said. “I suspect that, within two years, we could set that out as a goal.”

Some of the reason for the delay is that the money is needed [to] pay off short-term state IOUs which ballooned to more than $12 billion while the budget stalemate raged, she said. Another reason: Realistically, it will take that long to get something through a General Assembly that, unless something changes in November, will be dominated by Democrats, she said.

Rauner was counting on Republicans not following up on his teeny tiny footnote.

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