Playing Our Part in the Culture Wars

Here’s Bill Muehlenberg writing at Culture Watch:

It seems that in the culture wars in general, and the homosexuality debates in particular, we are easily being out-spent, out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and out-manned. This is true in many respects. The other side is awash with funding – often taxpayer funding – and they basically control all the major institutions of power and influence.

Thus the mainstream media overwhelmingly is populated by those from the secular left, and seeking to get a countervailing point of view in there is quite difficult indeed. In fact it is basically impossible in many media outlets – “our” ABC being one prime example.

Much of the academy is also dominated by the left, and conservative Christians are a very rare breed there. So too in so many other crucial public arenas. All of this, in part, is why the alternative media arose: to try to get a fair hearing in the public square.

But when it comes to man-power, we need to qualify things a bit here. The radical left only accounts for a very small percentage of the population. The so-called silent majority likely does not share their activist views. But the problem is, they are indeed silent.

So the voices of the radical left tend to dominate. They are loud and incessant. A few conservative voices try to get a hearing, but this is a very hard task as I have learned over the past three decades. And if you do manage to get on some mainstream media outlet, it is usually as the sole conservative voice against a raft of lefties, including a leftist host.

So the debates are almost always stacked against you. For many years I seemed to be the go-to voice when the media wanted an interview or a debate on some controversial topic. Thus I have been involved in many hundreds of debates and media discussions over the years.

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Image credit: National Archives.