Political I.Q.: We’ll drop the social issues when the political left forfeits

A colleague has pointed out that while Republicans who talk about the social issues—primarily abortion and so-called “homosexual rights”—are criticized non-stop for dealing with those “controversial” issues, no one says the same when the rabid political left spews its views on those same two topics.

As the title of this column says, smart Republicans will shut up about the social issues when abortion is outlawed and those who like to achieve orgasm with someone of the same gender begin to keep their private lives private.

Yesterday I gave my opinion about human intelligence—and what I see as the confusion surrounding it. There aren’t smart people and dumb people—let’s just say people have their own areas of “expertise.” That position will be hotly argued against by those who look in the mirror and see brilliance personified. Those people are some of the dumbest people around when it comes to knowing their own limitations.

Some “smart” people in the GOP would have you believe that the social issues are losers for the GOP. There was a report that several top GOP recruiters are actively seeking out pro-choice candidates.

This came the same day as this story from the Gallup organization: “More Americans ‘Pro Life’ Than ‘Pro Choice’ for First Time.”

Yep, it almost doesn’t get any dumber than that. Almost.

From the Huffing Post:

California Representative Kevin McCarthy, the chief recruiter for House Republicans, said he wants his party to select candidates based less on ideology and more on their chances of winning.

Also in that HuffPo article was this:

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, for his part, ‘didn’t appear to rule it out when asked if he would back pro-choice candidates.’

‘The essence of being a Republican is the belief in free markets, the belief in individual responsibility, the belief in the faith of the individual. This is what our party is about.’

Hey Eric—that guy you see in the mirror isn’t as smart as you think he is. Stop reading your press clippings and look at the performance of Congressional Republicans for the past fifteen years.

The more I watch some of these politicians operate the more it seems to me that getting elected to important political office is comparable to late night show David Letterman’s “stupid pet tricks.” Someone could do a feature titled “stupid human tricks,” and one of the biggest ones is getting elected to the U.S. House or U.S. Senate as a Republican.

In that same report Republican Congressman Kevin Carter talks about the importance of increasing diversity in the GOP. Kevin seems to think that the goal of diversity should include not only ethnicity, gender, and race, but also ideology. So what if you’re a liberal Democrat, the GOP wants you!

If you’re not convinced yet of the stupidity of some of these Republicans in Washington, the very same report!mentions that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would be endorsing Florida Governor Charlie Crist – an older white guy – over the young Marco Rubio who is of Cuban descent.

First, the NRSC has no business whatsoever endorsing a candidate in a primary. Second, I think I’ve made my case. Rank and file Republican voters who are not yet involved in party politics had better step up. The folks running things in our party nationally (and here in Illinois) are not up to the task.

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