Political jiu-jitsu outrages the left in the Age of Trump

Here is American Thinker’s editor Thomas Lifson writing about “political jiu-jitsu”(!):

Yesterday, another clueless media mandarin, CNN’s “media critic,” Brian Stelter, inadvertently revealed how badly the cultural (and therefore political) dominance of the left has been damaged by President Trump. The left, and CNN in particular, branded as “very fake news,” is unintentionally revealing how telling this criticism is.

Allow me to explain.

Donald Trump fights back against the cultural power of the left, something no other leading Republican has done in my lifetime. His guts in doing so shock and dismays the left, and that is one of the underlying reasons why leftists are so anxious to demonize and ultimately drive him from office. They strongly prefer Republicans like John McCain, who forever defined his fealty to the cultural power of the progressives when he rebuked Bill Cunningham, a radio talk show host in Cincinnati, at a 2008 presidential campaign rally in that city for referring to then-candidate Barack Obama as “Barack Hussein Obama,” his actual full name (unless one wishes to include the name Barry Soetoro, which he also used at an earlier point in life). In doing so, McCain signaled that media definitions of virtue would be his guiding principle.

Donald Trump refuses to follow that path toward powerlessness, which may be one reason why the Arizona senator seems to hate him so much.

The problem for the left is that their cultural power, like the Emperor’s New Clothes fable, exists only so long as everyone nods in agreement that yes, abortion is just a “choice” (and who doesn’t want to offer people a choice?) and that no, we can’t use a presidential candidate’s full name (because everyone knows that Americans are so bigoted against Muslims). By role-modeling resistance from the highest office in t he land, President Trump is changing the rules of politics and destroying one of the principal power bases of the left.

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Image credit: CNN video screenshot.