Politics or Babies? What’s a Governor to do?

Written by Kathy Valente:

Politico recently reported that Governor Rauner’s “ongoing struggle with the politics of a controversial abortion bill hasn’t gone unnoticed by potential opponents.” A Democrat opponent in the 2018 gubernatorial race, J.B. Pritzker, has capitalized on “Rauner’s indecision with HB 40 by releasing a new statewide TV ad where the billionaire Democrat declares if he’s elected, HB 40 will be the first bill he signs.”

This comes on the heels of Pritzker, along with the bill’s sponsors, making a video about dropping off 4,000 postcards to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Chicago office urging him to sign HB 40, which allows your tax dollars to pay for abortions under Medicaid.

This is all part of the Democrat’s strategy to advance their misleading “War on Women” narrative to champion abortion rights. And if signed into law, thousands of babies, who might otherwise be given a chance at life, will be killed. And you, the taxpayer, will foot the bill.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times article, the governor’s Leftist wife, Diana Rauner is “involved in policy-making, messaging and operational decisions.” The unfortunate growing sentiment among Republicans is that if Diana Rauner insists that Bruce sign the bill, Bruce will sign the bill.

HB 40 has become a source of tension between the governor’s wife and the governor’s staff, according to the Sun-Times article. It appears he’s gotten himself between a rock and a hard place.

Maybe Governor Rauner and his wife should hold a newborn baby in their arms while weighing the politics surrounding a decision on House Bill 40.

If Bruce does listen to his wife, he would be signing a bill he pledged to Republican legislators, like state Rep. Dave McSweeney, that he would veto.

Rep. McSweeney didn’t hold back in his words to Politico:

“That’s outrageous. The governor told us publicly, in a statement that he would veto the bill and now he’s undecided? He needs to take a stand … To be clear, he is on the record with the people of the state of Illinois that he would veto HB 40 … This is a very troubling … This is political. That’s why people are sick of politicians in this country … He gave us his word. His word means nothing.”

According to Politico, McSweeney “pointed to emails published in the Sun-Times last month that alleged First Lady Diana Rauner feared losing suburban votes if Rauner said he’d veto HB 40.

Politico’s Natasha Korecki recently reported that Gov. Rauner “pulled back from a firm veto on HB40” and now “’hasn’t made up his mind,’ on what to do with the abortion funding bill should it reach his desk, governor’s spokesman Hud Englehart told Politico on Monday.”

The same Politico article included this:

As we reported on Friday, Democrats believe the governor will sign the bill, touching off an internal struggle over when to send Rauner the legislation. While it passed both houses, it remains in the Senate under a procedural hold.

Personal PAC’s Terry Cosgrove told us last week that Rauner wouldn’t get the bill until he publicly stated he’ll sign it as is. Rauner is pro-choice, and in the general election, he and Diana Rauner vowed he did not have a social agenda. Rauner also made an election promise to Personal PAC that he would support legislation just like HB 40.

The whole “he did not have a social agenda” comment is laughable considering some of the radical Leftist legislation that Rauner has already signed into law.

Just two examples: SB 1564 (violating conscience rights of health care professionals) and HB 1785 (allowing for the falsification of birth certificates).

Here is part of a telling paragraph from last Friday’s Politico article:

Those with knowledge of the governor’s strategy tell Politico Rauner is strongly leaning toward signing it. As evidence: the governor in recent weeks has met with groups of women in different parts of the state, the sources said, including those who rely on Medicaid, to hear their personal stories about abortion and access to abortion. “He is listening,” one of the sources said. Rauner has heard from women who have addiction issues, mental health issues, teenagers and those who rely on public aid, who feel they don’t have access to abortion. [emphasis added]

It certainly is a health issue for the soon-to-be-aborted female babies whose deaths Leftists want you to pay for. And does he really think that killing an unborn baby will help these unfortunate women who are struggling with addiction, mental health and financial issues?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out who candidate Bruce and Diana believe are Bruce’s support base in next year’s election. He is methodically alienating social conservatives by rubber-stamping his wife’s left-wing agenda. Rauner received the support of many social conservatives in 2014 because those voters saw the financial deterioration of Illinois as a moral issue, and Bruce was preferred over his opponent.

But now the state is in worse shape than it was when Rauner took office, so it is easy to guess that even his support from fiscal conservatives will wane in 2018.

If Rauner decides to OK the use of tax dollars to kill unborn babies, any talk of his morally superior fiscal position will be destroyed.

Take ACTION: Click Here to email Governor Bruce Rauner. Urge him to keep his pledge to veto HB 40. Also, please continue to call the governor’s public comment line every day until this is resolved: (217) 782-0244 and (312) 814-2121. 

You can also send Gov. Rauner a message via Twitter: @GovRauner

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