Poll Finds Women Receptive to GOP’s Ideas, but Party’s Messaging Needs Work

Gee, sounds like we’re failing in the information war…here’s Alex Levinson writing today at National Review:

Republican candidates need to do a better job communicating their message to women, according to a new poll released today.

The poll, conducted on behalf of GOPAC Education Fund and American Freedom Builders, asked registered women voters in Ohio what issues were most important to them, and tested how strongly they reacted to different ways of communicating on those issues.

The survey results, provided first to National Review, contain good and bad news for the GOP. The poll finds that Ohio women of all political stripes agree with a number of the policy positions Republican presidential hopefuls are running on, but indicates that the candidates are not always effectively communicating those positions.

“Conservatives really should look at this poll and say for the most part, the majority of women agree with our positions on the issues,” American Freedom Builders President John McClelland tells NR. But, he says, the survey also “tells us that we’re not doing a good job of communicating.”

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Image credit: barbwire.com.