Praying for This Nation Like Our Butts Depended on It

From Doug Giles at

For the Christian who has been paying even minimal attention to the state of our union and its current crappy condition, it’s easy to see that our nation is in deep weeds from a God blessed standpoint.

We’re pretty much past the point of no return. If you don’t believe me, read this book. We’re in trouble, folks—and on every front. Our kids will be particularly screwed.

Yep, from an economic, political, cultural and spiritual perspective, if something is not done to reverse this nation’s course (and muy pronto) then my advice to you is to start taking yoga because one has to be fairly limber, I hear, to kiss one’s own butt good-bye. Oh, and another “suggestion” would be to teach your kids Chinese, TexMex and Farsi because those’ll be the main languages of the conquered on our continent.

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