President Obama’s Pick for Labor Secretary: Inappropriate propaganda at taxpayers’ expense

IFI2From Laurie Higgins at IFI:

President Barack Obama just announced that Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice, is his pick to be Secretary of Labor. One year ago, I wrote about the White House’s passionate embrace of all things homosexual. In that article, I included a brief discussion of Thomas Perez’ troubling efforts to use public funds and his job to promote the normalization of homosexuality. Here’s that excerpt:

This Obama administration effort follows close on the heels of a pinheaded and inappropriate decision by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to create a video for Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas Perez showed the DOJ video to public high school students in Silver Spring, Maryland. Here are a few of the comments made by DOJ employees–most of whom identify as homosexual–in their roles as government employees:

  • “Being different is cool.”
  • “Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Keep being yourself.”
  • “If I knew when I was eight that the thing that was causing me so much pain… would actually define me in a way that makes me very, very proud, I would get through it.”

These should be shocking comments to hear in a publicly funded project of the federal government. The federal government has made the astonishing public claims that homosexuality is “cool,” that no one should be ashamed of homosexuality, and that homosexuality should be a source of pride. The individuals who appear in this video are, of course, entitled to their own non-factual ontological and moral beliefs. In their roles as government employees, however, they have no right to promote those subjective, non-factual beliefs.

This video should be a public scandal. Imagine if philosophically conservative government employees appeared in a publicly funded video in their professional roles saying that it is not cool to engage in homosexual acts, that homosexual acts are shameful, and that homosexuality is not something of which to be proud.

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