A Pretend Policy for Pretend Girl Athletes

From Linda Harvey:

Do any of us really need one more lie from the “LGBT” lobby? But that’s what the parents and families of Minnesota got in a recent vote about whether boys can join girls’ sports teams, use their restrooms and spend the night in their hotel rooms.

Never mind the underlying reality that boys are not girls, ever. The truth about the policy just passed in Minnesota is that it is not binding. No school in Minnesota needs to go along with the new guideline (that’s all it is) from the Minnesota State High School League, a board that oversees high school sports.

While the proposal passed 18-1 with one abstention, it was a last-minute version, the ninth draft, pulled out and voted on at the December 4 meeting. All the measure does is provide a set of verifications for boys who are confused about gender to make appeals if denied the option to join a girls’ team.

But no school is forced to follow these recommendations, and if they are smart, the schools will simply wait and continue to uphold current policy until forced by MSHSL to comply because of a particular boy’s appeal. Here’s why: the MSHSL “guideline” essentially violates current state and federal law, including Title IX. It’s not ‘discrimination’ to limit girls’ teams to, well, girls, according Michele Lentz from CPL Action, the parent group that mounted a strong campaign against the unnecessary proposal.

It will be interesting to see how many of the 500 affected schools in MN have the decency, common sense and respect for authentic girls to simply ignore this unsolicited solution to a very dubious problem. Yes, gender confusion exists, but should schools validate these identities and accord them new rights? Most parents, most Americans would say a firm “no.”

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