Pro-reality, pro-morality forces are fighting back

With all the bad news out there, here’s some good news. The pro-reality, pro-morality forces are fighting back against the crazies and homos and lefties—and “fight” is the right word. We didn’t bring this fight on, by the way, the crazies, homos, and lefties did. They’re the ones working overtime to change the meaning of words and to get the rest of us to pretend that there’s no such thing as gender and nothing at all is perverse.

Let me explain a few things from that opening paragraph. I say “pro-reality” because there’s a movement afoot to deny the existence of people who have left the homosexual lifestyle. They think you can change your gender but not your behavior.

I say pro-morality because the nutty political left would have people believe that to be pro-morals, pro-Christian doctrine, etc., is to be a “hater” and a “bigot.”

I use the word “crazies” separate from “homos” (which is obviously a shorthand for homosexuals) because I only consider the homos who support sexualizing all of culture to be crazy (see quotes from Tammy Bruce in this article). There has always been homosexuality, but a successful and civilized culture is impossible if society is to allow the schools, the statutes, and marriage to be polluted by the homo agenda.

Now for a few encouraging news items. First, from the excellent Thomas Moore Society:

“Legal War” for IRS if Churches Are Attacked for Speaking Out on Issues

Thomas More Society Promises a Free and Aggressive Legal Defense To Any Religious Leaders Targeted or Victimized for the Robust Exercise of Their Free Speech Rights

(Chicago, April 27, 2012) “The Internal Revenue Service has no legal right to investigate, let alone threaten or penalized, the Catholic Diocese of Peoria for illegal ‘electioneering’ after Bishop Daniel Jenky, C.S.C. referred to policies of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin while delivering a robust, wholly legitimate critique of current federal efforts to quash and curtail religious liberties,” says Tom Brejcha, President of the Thomas More Society, a public interest Chicago-based law firm. “References to egregious, historic mistakes on the part of political leaders of the past in messages to congregations, even during an election year, are fully protected by the First Amendment, whether those messages are delivered from pulpits or on soapboxes in the public square.”

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This one made me laugh—it’s always fun when our side throws the language of the left back at them (see bolded text):

Ex-Gays File Complaint Against School Superintendent for Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Rockville, Md. – Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) has filed a sexual orientation discrimination  complaint with the Montgomery County (Maryland) Board of Education against its School Superintendent Joshua Starr.

After PFOX distributed ex-gay flyers to high school students as part of the schools’ flyer distribution program for non-profit organizations, Superintendent Starr publicly denigrated PFOX and former homosexuals by calling the actions of PFOX “reprehensible and deplorable” and labeling the flyer’s sexual orientation content as “a really, really disgusting message.”

“PFOX’s flyers provided information on unwanted same-sex attractions, discouraged student name calling and labeling, and urged tolerance for former homosexuals,” said Regina Griggs of PFOX.


“Superintendent Starr cannot be allowed to use his official position to display hate against any group of people because he disagrees with their sexual orientation. Starr’s flagrant violation of the Nondiscrimination Policy demonstrates that he is a prime candidate to receive ex-gay tolerance training and diversity education.”

Read the entire press release here

The following story encapsulates why I have very harsh words for the Republican Party. Why in the world is this stuff allowed to happen? Why aren’t elected Republicans raising bloody hell? I’m happy to see, however, the existence of the group called the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance.

VIDEO: teen recounts pro-gay teacher fuming at him for Catholic stance

HOWELL, Michigan, May 18, 2012 ( – The testimony of a Catholic teen and his mother has shed light on the story of how one high school teacher managed to spark a national media blitz that led to their branding as “maliciously anti-gay Catholic bigots” – all because the teen disclosed his religious beliefs about homosexuality in a classroom altercation.

Daniel Glowacki and his mother Sandy from Howell, Michigan tell of how high school economics teacher Jay McDowell was launched to national hero status after the latter began spreading his story of “confronting homophobia” on radio interviews and elsewhere.

Read the entire story and watch the video here

One last one…this reminds me of the claims that Islam is the “religion of peace.” Similarly, those promoting the radical homosexual agenda claim to be lovers of tolerance. Yea, right. I bolded the text of my favorite line:



A Catholic parish in the Diocese of Fall River has become the object of threats of violence, and vandalism, because of a sign posted on church property supporting the traditional definition of marriage.  Yesterday, Saint Francis Xavier Parish in the town of Acushnet displayed a message on the church’s billboard reading “Two men are friends, not spouses.”

In an interview this morning with Boston’s FOX 25 News, Steve Guillotte, Director of Pastoral Services for Saint Francis Xavier, said the church has received a number of menacing, obscenity laced phone calls, including one threatening to burn the church down.  A sign describing the church’s message as “hate” was nailed to the church’s fence, while additional hostile signs were laid against the fence, and rainbow balloons were attached to it.  All references to same gender marriage were removed from the parish’s billboard this morning.

Intimidating or interfering with someone in the exercise of their constitutional rights — such as freedom of speech or the free exercise of religion — is a crime in Massachusetts (Chapter 265, Section 37 of the General Laws). Since 1990, it has been a hate crime (Chapter 434 of the Acts of 1990).

The Catholic Action League characterized the episode as “compelling evidence clearly demonstrating which side in the conflict over same sex marriage engages in hate tactics.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “At a time when homosexual pride parades monopolize public thoroughfares with police protection, it is now unsafe to post a message upholding traditional morality on private property.  This event tells us all we need to know about the totalitarian instincts of organized homosexualism in America. What began as a so-called ‘gay rights’ movement, has become a neo-fascist enterprise dedicated to suppressing, harassing, censoring, silencing and punishing anyone supportive of biblical morality.  Attorney General Martha Coakley and Bristol County District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter should investigate the threats against Saint Francis Xavier Parish for possible prosecution as hate crimes.”