Protect marriage or expand government

From Rick Santorum:

Since the 2008 presidential campaign, when then-Sen. Barack Obama told the Rev. Rick Warren that he supported traditional marriage defined as the union of “one man and one woman,” the president’s position on this topic has “evolved,” and now, of course, has reversed.


Social science provides overwhelming evidence of the benefits of marriage to children and society. In what other area of public policy would government be neutral when the benefits are so overwhelming?


The president has chosen to neglect the issue of marriage. There is a liberal logic to this because, as marriage declines, government expands to try to fill the gaps for children and society. No government program can produce the same positive outcomes for children as marriage. Healthy marriages and involved fathers are some of the best poverty-fighting strategies out there after getting a job. We need a president who will address the importance of marriage and the challenge of absent fathers head-on, because doing so makes sense for our society and our economy.

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