Public Health Ignored as HIV Spreads

The K-12 schools will shy away from this news, as will pop culture and the liberal media — it flies in the face of the narrative that all sex is natural and healthy. So…unless Republicans and conservatives get into the information war in a serious manner, few people will learn of it. Here is Dale O’Leary writing at Crisis Magazine:

A new front has opened up in the decades long Culture War. The LGBTQ activists are now demanding legislation that would ban all forms of sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE). Those defending the therapists targeted by the legislation have pointed to the positive effects of such efforts. While this is certainly true, a more compelling argument is the absolute failure of the programs approved by the activists to stop or even slow the HIV syndemic among men who have sex with men (MSM).

Every battle requires a well-designed strategy. Among other things a strategy should identify adversaries and target their vulnerabilities. Our adversary in the culture war is not the same-sex attracted (SSA) or the gender identity disordered (GID), but the LGBTQ activists and other sexual revolutionaries. The SSA/GID are the victims of the activists. We can document how the activists lie to the SSA/GID and to the general public by claiming that the SSA/GID are born that way, can’t change, and are just as healthy as the general population. We are the defenders of the truth about the human person. We will not lie to victims. We will not tell a man that hormones and surgery will make him a woman. We will not tell a confused child that he was born gay and should accept it. No one is born gay. Change is possible. Numerous well-designed studies have found that the SSA/GID are not “just as healthy,” but more likely to have psychological disorders, depression, suicidal attempts, substance abuse disorders, to have been victims of childhood sexual abuse and other violence, and to contract a sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Unable to deny the obvious problems in their community, the activists blame homophobia and bigotry. It is true that the SSA/GID experience rejection and shame. They may struggle with feelings of resentment and envy. They feel like outsiders, who have to hide their feelings, feelings they didn’t choose. Therapy, which focuses on underlying conflicts and negative experiences, can help, no matter what the outcome. The activists want to ban all therapy that does not assure a LGBTQ outcome. They don’t care about the client’s needs or desires.

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Image credit: Shuttershock.