Public Schools ‘Progressing’ in at Least One Area: Bathroom Policies

Earlier this spring, Rasmussen Reports included this bullet point (among others) announcing a recent poll about education: “18% Think U.S. Public Schools Provide World-Class Education.” Here was another: “25% Think High School Graduates Have Skills Needed For A Job.”

The following was the opening sentence on the summary page advertising a new book about privatizing the public schools: “Despite more than 15 years of effort, it is widely acknowledged that internal reform of the public schools has produced little if any success.”

If after reading that you need some good news, here it is, brought to you by Candice Hardin at Clash Daily: “Seems that the bathroom has become a hot button in the schoolroom scene.”

Okay, just kidding. That’s actually not good news, but you have to admit that it fits nicely with the other negative facts above. Here’s more from Hardin’s post, “Common Sense Down the Toilet: Bathroom Woes and Worries”:

I recently went a few rounds with my daughter’s high school principal about his ridiculous rule for use of the bathroom.

His idea was to not let the kids go to the bathroom either the first or last fifteen minutes of the class. Being that they only have three minutes between class to get to and from, fetch books as needed, bathroom time became dear.

Prohibiting any child from going to the bathroom does not work for me as medical problems can arise from delay.

This asinine rule seems like a picnic next to what was passed in California. Seems children can use whichever bathroom they choose due to whichever gender they decide to identify with at the moment.

Great, what keeps curious children from “changing” gender orientation in order to see what is what with the opposite or same sex?

Hardin writes, “It is time to take back our schools. We cannot accommodate everyone’s life choices.” Amen.

Read her entire post at Clash Daily.