Publicly Funded Pensions Now Rival Those of Top CEOs

Of all the failures on the part of Republicans and conservatives in the information war, this one is among those that are the least excusable. For more than a decade, the information about excessive pay, benefits, and pensions has been not only publicly available, but it has been posted online! Here is Michael Bargo, Jr. writing at American Thinker:

Recently the Center for Effective Government and Institute for Policy Studies found that the 100 largest chief executive retirement funds are worth an average of about $49.3 million per executive, or a combined $4.9 billion.

This reflects, Bloomberg reports, the growing gulf between the highest paid CEOs and the middle class who don’t often earn enough money to even save much into a 401k plan.

But these studies are always presented to make the progressive Democrat argument that capitalism is out of control, that capitalism enables the few on top to earn a lot of money and steal from the middle class and poor who cannot possibly earn enough to save for retirement.

But all of these studies only complain about private sector pensions. They act as if the huge pensions enjoyed by those in the public sector don’t exist.  And of course if you only follow the reports of liberal biased news media you won’t find many reports on the huge pensions which will be received by members of public sector unions.

Public sector unions, we are told, are filled with people who are dedicated, who are underpaid and only do their work in government jobs because they are willing to sacrifice their personal financial interests for the good of the needy. We hear, endlessly, the beauty pageant talking points that government is selflessly devoted to helping the children and battling against big corporations to lower carbon emissions.

Thanks to the internet and the work of many government watchdog groups around the country, American taxpayers are finding that this speech about dedication does not reflect reality. Most people would expect that those who are truly dedicated would not earn large amounts of money.  After all, the most dedicated, such as the Doctors Without Borders and the International Red Cross, generally only work for room and board and receive little financial reward.

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