Putting the Punch in Parent Power

And again, speaking of the Chicago teachers’ strike…this is also from the NCPA:

Parents are beginning to step outside their traditional role in school affairs and are actively promoting reforms to education, say Frederick M. Hess and Daniel K. Lautzenheiser of the American Enterprise Institute.

For too long politics has been entrenched in decisions about education. Teacher unions, with their strong mobilization and organization have long been able to influence elections. This is why union-endorsed incumbents have a 92 percent rate of reelection. Advocacy organizations are seeking to inject a parent’s voice into debates about reform to make meaningful influences on policymakers.

Research done by political scientist Patrick McGuinn and education policy researcher Andrew P. Kelly offer insights to effective advocacy, organization and mobilization. Their analysis provides useful information to advocacy groups that want to mobilize more parents for education reform.

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