Seth McLaughlin in the Washington Times reports:

They say that Mr. Walker continues to gets top billing in their early rankings because of his “Blue state electoral success and conservative bona fides” — though they question how he would perform in a national campaign.

“Walker’s potential as a candidate comes in part because, as a governor, he doesn’t have to weigh in all the time on divisive national issues — something he won’t necessarily be able to get away with in 2015 if he becomes a candidate,” they wrote. “It seems like an odd comparison, but Walker might end up being like Gov. Rick Perry, who had all the makings of being a great candidate until he actually became one.”

In at least one area that Walker has weighed in on the “divisive national issues” — he’s taken the anti-Constitution, anti-First Amendment, and anti-religious liberty side.

Here’s what One News Now reported recently:

In an appearance on Bloomberg TV last month, Governor Walker – whose name has come up in recent discussions as a possible GOP presidential candidate — praised the state’s non-discrimination protections for homosexual workers. The Republican leader also suggested that the U.S. House of Representatives should consider passing a federal ENDA because there have only been “limited problems” with it in Wisconsin. At the same time he also steadfastly defended the state’s ban on same-sex “marriage,” saying Wisconsin has struck a “healthy balance” of rights for LGBT people.

Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, says Walker’s logic is flawed.

“First of all, people — especially Christians — are being persecuted all over the nation under these so-called ‘sexual orientation non-discrimination laws,'” he notes. “So if Christians are already being persecuted under state and local gay rights laws, why would you support a federal gay rights law which is only going to give the homosexual lawyers more power to oppress people of faith?”

LaBarbera hopes the governor will change his position on ENDA.

“I think he’s getting bad advice from the libertarians who basically want the Republican Party to jettison the social issues,” he suggests. “Governor Walker has to see that Christians and pro-family people of faith make up the grassroots conservative army that is the strength of the GOP. And so I hope he still changes his mind on this.”

LaBarbera says it’s sad to see many Republicans selling out when it comes to the homosexual rights agenda. He believes one can’t support ENDA and religious freedom at the same time.

It’d be wise for Governor Walker to go to school and learn more about some of these easy to understand issues and learn from the mistakes made by his fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan.