Hard Left’s War to Silence Cultural Conservatives Backfiring

As I keep saying, politics is an information war, so when I compare the history of World War II with modern American politics it is an apt metaphor. In the summer of 1941 Germany had the war won, in that most of the European continent was under its control. England by itself didn’t have the power to reverse the gains made by the Nazis over the course of the previous two years.

Then Hitler made the mistake of all mistakes:  he decided it was time to take on Russia. Before the year was out the writing was on the wall, when the powerful United States finally entered the conflict.

So many in America today seem to think the debate over so-called “gay rights” is over, and that anyone opposing its normalization is on the wrong side of history. The truth is, that is equal to saying anyone opposing the Third Reich in the summer of 1941 was on the wrong side of history. Sometimes sleeping giants wake up. What happens afterwards is that often things don’t pan out exactly as many expected.

Barbwire.com is important because it brings together in one place many who have been reporting on the depravity of the liberal social agenda as well as the danger of deciding to acquiesce to the demands of the highly intolerant lefties. Pushing the lie that homosexuality is equivalent to race, and working to destroy the institution of marriage, is similar to Hitler’s decision to attack the Soviet Union. Not smart.

What happens is that giant writers like Barbwire contributor Laurie Higgins step up and destroy the feeble intellectual foundation of the social left. Here are just two paragraphs as an example of the firepower of social conservatives:

Is “sexual orientation” a valid protected category? No, it’s not. Historically protected categories were constituted by objective, morally neutral conditions like biological sex, race and ethnicity, and nationality. Homosexuality, in contrast, is constituted solely by subjective feelings and volitional acts on which there is no moral consensus. If “progressives” had any real interest in consistency, they would insist on protecting all members of groups that are constituted by subjective feelings and morally dubious volitional acts. This would mean adding all paraphiliacs to our anti-discrimination policies and laws. Logical consistency would demand that sadists, masochists, minor-attracted persons (MAPS), frotteurists, and zoophiliacs be protected for they are members of groups constituted by subjective feelings and often volitional sexual acts that are virtually always unchosen, powerful, and persistent.

But if we “protect” all groups constituted by subjective feelings and volitional acts, what happens not only to our religious liberty but also to our liberty to freely associate and assemble? What else do we base our diverse associations on other than feelings, beliefs, and volitional acts?

As more conservatives get into the information war effectively — reaching more of the uninformed and misinformed — the advance of homosexualism will face its Battle of Stalingrad. We are marching towards a fight that will rival that horrific clash which began in August 1942.

I’ve been politically active long enough to remember when the public debate over abortion was said to be at an end. In the early 1990s polling data favored the pro-aborts, and as a result only the most principled political candidates ran as openly pro-life. The rest, especially those in squishy districts, kept their mouth shut out of fear of alienating what was seemed to be a permanent pro-choice majority.

Fortunately for unborn babies everywhere, those pro-lifers are tenacious. Sometime during the past decade the shift in public opinion began and many polls showed a majority as pro-life. How can that be? The debate was over! The pro-lifers were on the wrong side of history! Sound familiar?

With all the bad news out there, here’s some good news. The pro-Judeo-Christian morality giants are fighting back against those would seek to put those mores onto the ash heap of history.

Up next: Social issues conservatives aren’t being silenced, they’re getting louder.