Raheem Kassam Calls for an Audit of “Conservative Inc.”

In his podcast in early September, Raheem Kassam expanded on the topic we covered last time regarding political action and the failures of the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex.

Along with his sidekick at the National Pulse Natalie Winters, they discussed the condition of the conservative movement. Raheem said, “things are not going well.” He thinks we’re losing, not winning, and that Western Civilization is being lost “at a rapid pace.” “We’re not in a good state.”

People in “Conservative Inc.,” as he calls it, are fundraising daily—trying to make as much money as they can despite the fact that the country is collapsing.

A few minutes later, Raheem asked the question, “what the f*** are we going to do?”

That is the question, whether or not the “f” word offends you.

He mentions what is going on in Australia, and the vaccine mandates here in the U.S. and then asks, “what can we do about it?” “I don’t have an answer to that,” he admits, “and I don’t think anybody does.”

There is an answer to it, and anyone who has studied the American political arena properly has found the answer. Unfortunately, almost no one has taken the time to study the arena properly.

The answer Raheem is looking for—the solution—is no different than what happened during the years leading up to the Revolutionary War or any other war or crisis our nation faced.

Imagine in the 1930s if pro-Western thinkers would have devoted themselves to think tank like operations, to talk radio (just go with me here), or podcasts, or streaming services headquartered in lovely multi-million dollar studios, or commentary articles in the hundreds day after day…and let’s add protests and marches and parades and rallies and conferences.

And no one bothered to think, ya know what? We’re going to need an army. A big one. And it’ll have to be trained and it’ll have to be supplied with everything from uniforms to weapons and ammunition and tanks and fuel and planes and food…the list goes on and on.

What if the dominant approach was to expect that the Republican Party or elected officials would come up with a solution to the “political problem” on the European continent?

Raheem told his audience that they need to question everything they are being told. He asks why the report on the Arizona election audit is being delayed. Later, Natalie Winters questions whether some of the campaign money spent should have been “plowed into” the ground activists. She, too, knows something is amiss at the ground level.

She relates that she’s heard from many activists around the country, “what can I do?” That has been my experience as well, as I mentioned here.

And still later, Raheem hits “so called conservative organizations building multi-million dollar studios in Arizona.” On how the money is being spent he said, “This is immoral in a lot of ways on the political right.”

He then suggests a rather good idea which in my opinion would be especially good for donors to learn how they are wasting their money:

There needs to be an audit of the conservative movement…who makes what and why? Who raises what and why? What do they do with it? How many staff do you have? How many square foot? … Why do you need that?

He mentioned the venerable Heritage Foundation and says he would not donate to them because “they don’t make a difference.”

Raheem is right—and I wish I could reach him and explain that there is a solution—a path forward. If he wants to call me, I can give him a detailed solution—an action plan like Steve Bannon was looking for in our last article.

No doubt people using fancy studios and talking and writing and think-tanking (etc.) believe they are accomplishing real election work, but they are not. Just as similar work would not have been real preparation for successfully invading northern Africa and then Europe in the early 1940s.

What wins wars, political and otherwise, are actual troops taking actual ground.

Most of the “smart people” in the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex have yet to figure that out. Or they just expect others to do that work.

Up next: A quick look at election night 2021.

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