Raising the Next Generation to Fight the Information War

Rebecca Cusey at The Federalist has a good list up under the following title and subtitle:

7 Free Ways To Help Your Kid Grow Into A Citizen
Kids need to learn how to be a citizen experientially, as well as intellectually.

Here is here opening:

So your little human beings are headed back to school. Besides learning their ABCs and their 123s, what can parents do to help them grow into full citizens and well-rounded adults?

Here’s an idea. Let them see firsthand the gears of this great nation, the men and women who make it run every day. Seeing the action firsthand impacts young minds more than a thousand books or lectures. Put away their phone and help them build a bulwark against the cynicism of the Internet. Here are a few ideas. Better yet, they’re free!

Here is just her list:

1. Tour a Farm
2. Attend a Local Government Meeting
3. Tour a Factory
4. Visit a Different House of Worship
5. Witness a Trial
6. Do a Ride-Along
7. Visit a Military Base

It’s not a long article and worth reading in full here at The Federalist.

Image credit: Jake McGuire.