Random Thoughts on the Tragic Marriage Vote

There’s nothing random about Laurie Higgins’ thinking. Please read this article. It’s fantastic. Here’s an excerpt (I’ve only removed the numbers she added before her points):

This transmogrification of marriage has nothing whatsoever to do with equality, which demands that we treat like things alike. Homosexual unions and heterosexual marriage are not alike. They’re as different as night is from day and men are from women.

The Left makes the non-sequitur claim that because heterosexual marriages are failing, homosexual unions should be recognized as marriages. By that “logic,” one could argue that because marriages composed of two people are failing, we should legally recognize plural unions as marriages. Or because marriages composed of biologically unrelated people are failing, we should legalize incestuous marriages. Or because marriages between people of major age are failing, we should legalize marriage between adults and children.

Far too many Christians and their religious leaders were missing in action on this battle and have been for a very, very long time. Churches are not educating either their adult members or their youth on the issue of homosexuality in general and marriage in particular, and this dereliction of duty leaves Christians either confused or, worse, persuaded by the lies of the world.

Our children are growing up in a culture suffused with the poison of sexual perversity, the advocacy of which is propelled by the manipulation of their feelings and thoughts. Who will teach are children the flaws in the arguments proffered by progressives to normalize homosexuality and pervert marriage, if not the church? Most of their parents can’t critique and refute the specious secular arguments used by the Left. And teens aren’t spending their time reading First Things and Touchstone magazines or visiting the website Public Discourse.

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