Rauner and Kirk’s GOP

From John Kirkwood at BarbWire.com:

While Sandra Fluke and the “Abortion Barbie” – Wendy Davis were soundly defeated on Tuesday night and all over the country thrilling Pro-Life victories were taking place, Mammon and Moloch stole the show in Illinois. With Bruce Rauner’s victory in the gubernatorial election, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s not partial to the unborn or to Biblical marriage.

Illinois was the cesspool that polluted the nation with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, and David Axelrod, all graduates of the Alinsky School of Soft Insurrection. But now, with a Rauner/Kirk axis victorious across the state, Illinois is primed to sweep the nation and set the table for a new Republican modus operandi.

The Socially liberal – fiscal conservative model has triumphed in Illinois and every establishment Republican across the nation has heard the RINO whistle and will rally to its pride parade. Expect Will, Krauthammer, and Kristol to wave from the lead float. The Democrat Party has already embraced the hidden holocaust and sexual anarchy but now, at least in Illinois, Republicans have surrendered the high ground for the promise of breads and circuses.

What does a Bruce Rauner victory mean for the Pro-Life movement in Illinois? Here’s the wet blanket.

While all across America the Pro-Life movement was winning stunning victories, here in what George Will calls “America’s Argentina,” we have been hit with a critical blow that will no doubt set pro-life legislators back a generation.

While there were a few pro-life victories in district races, the loss suffered by Oberweis and the victories of Rauner, Topinka, and possibly even Tom Cross (he leads by 21,000 votes with 99% reporting) mean that statewide the Illinois GOP is now pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage.

It also means that Bruce Rauner and his mentor Mark Kirk will remake the Illinois GOP in their own image.

I’m not saying that we’ll never see conservative/Christian candidates win in individual races on the lower level, but support Biblical marriage and the unborn and you can forget about a statewide run for the foreseeable future. The new GOPP (Guardians of Planned Parenthood) will point to Oberweis’ defeat and Rauner’s historic victory and say, “No soup for you!”

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