Reaffirming Obama’s Culpability In America’s Downfall

familysecuritymatterssmallChristopher Adamo gives a nice overview covering several issue areas:

For the past week Rush Limbaugh has been explaining Barack Obama’s successful strategy of advancing his far-left political agenda while ostensibly keeping his fingerprints off of any specific governing actions, thereby remaining immune from criticism over the dire consequences that invariably ensue. And once again, the maestro of talk radio is correct. This single keen observation readily clarifies even the most irresponsible Democrat actions, including the lack of a Senate budget for over four years, as well as Obama’s own behavior of voting “present” on one hundred and thirty occasions while in the Illinois State Senate. And in so many ways, Barack Obama has continued this practice since his inauguration in 2009.[…]

[Because of leftists’ propensity is to spew] vile propaganda rather than working to address the burgeoning problems facing America, it has once again become necessary to recall the original facts in order to cut through the murk. At the risk of repetition, the American people must again be reminded of the overall track record of Democrat governing so that its causes and effects can be properly weighed against the utopian liberal promises and their disastrous results. […] Even if only a small sample of their governing track record is recalled in the process, the emerging pattern remains unmistakable.

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