Real Political Leadership is Fearless in the Culture War

Here’s a quote for you:

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardliness, it is conformity. — Rollo May

Here’s what courage sounds like:

Don’t waste your breath trying to bully me in Louisiana. It is absolutely constitutional to have religious liberty and economic freedoms. — Bobby Jindal

It’s also called leadership — you can’t have genuine leadership without courage.

What we’ve heard from most of the Republican candidates for president isn’t exactly inspirational when it comes to the issue of marriage. A few of them say they believe marriage is between one man and one woman, but that they’d also attend a “gay wedding.”

Liberalism comes as one big package: high taxes, massive government, a loss of liberty, a weak military and foreign policy, lousy schools and health care, and worst of all, cultural Marxism. You can’t pick and choose. It all comes together.

There are a lot of deluded Republicans who think we can appease the crazy lefties on the social issues and still win the war of ideas when it comes to economic and foreign policy. They’re wrong.

Would-be Republican leaders need to speak boldly when it comes to all the issues. Yes, the media will go crazy. So what? There is liberal fantasy and there is conservative reality. The public will never learn the difference if our candidates continue to obfuscate, cower, and mumble.

Every day conservative commentators write the script for how conservative candidates should speak. A thing is either true or it’s not. If it’s true, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to speak it.

The answer is simple; Bruce/Caitlyn is a tool the media can use to achieve an objective they want namely the cultural acceptance of all types of sex. — Tom Trinko

Speaking of Bruce Jenner and the “new normal,” check out the pictures J. Robert Smith includes in his article “Trans isn’t Just for You.” Really? This is difficult to process? An individual running to be the leader of the free world is afraid of telling it like it is?

“We need to recruit fighters, encourage them, and cultivate them,” J.R. Dunn writes. Amen. I’ve been saying that for years. Here’s Dunn writing about marriage:

The marriage argument will develop in similar fashion. The facts stand for themselves and will not be changed. As time passes and the actual anti-family, anti-religious, and anti-straight agenda of the gays is revealed, it will no longer be taken as a greeting-card issue. Then the real debate will begin.

All that we need are fighters. The rest can go marry their cats.

When will our political leaders join the battle and speak like that?

Here’s the opening of a recent news article:

CHICAGO — The health department says a small but serious outbreak of invasive meningococcal disease appears to be affecting sexually active gay men, so they are being urged to get vaccinated.

The Chicago Department of Health urgently pulled together Wednesday’s press conference after determining Tuesday the 3 reported cases that have been reported in the past three weeks have all come from the same strain.

They have also traced the outbreak to a specific group of people: sexually active men who are having sex with men living with HIV, or sexually active men who are having sex with anonymous partners or who are using online hook-up apps to meet other men.

It’s about who they want to love, right? Please.

Here’s what one friend of mine wrote in reaction to that news item:

When will people learn that promiscuous sex and sex involving rectums (or recta) will always and forever breed illness. I guess if gonorrhea and syphilis didn’t teach Boomers that lesson, and if AIDS didn’t teach Gen Xers that, then meningococcal disease won’t teach Millennials that.

It isn’t difficult unless you lack courage, convictions, and common sense.

In another recently posted article J. Robert Smith writes:

The left would have us believe that this is all a matter of a “culture war” that they have already won. Declaring war and then instant victory is an old tactic of the left. They are doing it with increasing frequency because their policies bear less and less relation to reality and so will not hold up to serious public scrutiny. For conservatives, living this nightmare of reason in an increasingly irrational world, it is incumbent on us to dispute and rebut these insanities, lest the public’s grip on reality is completely lost, and we really do all starve to death.

Republican politicians are not excused from the work of  disputing and rebutting.

Smith writes:

Leftists are deadly serious in their aims; they’re determined to win. They seek no accommodation with us. Western Civilization — as expressed in the American tradition — and our liberties are on the left’s chopping block. Leftists deny this, and over the decades have become expert at arguing that they merely want more justice, fairness, compassion, and equality. They use our system to game the system. The better among them may be deluded or simply naive; the worse are liars and destroyers. Regardless, results — not intentions — matter.

Any conservative with the slightest brain activity understands this is true, and that we all have to speak up. Those with the biggest microphones — the GOP presidential candidates — also have a duty to speak the truth. Here’s a line I’d like to hear from one of them on the topic of “T” — which can’t be disconnected from the “LGB…”:

What might be harmless as a private delusion easily becomes a menace when adopted as public policy.

It is not too much to ask. In many ways, the social issues are the easiest to address. Putin, ISIS, $18+ trillion in debt, entitlements — those will take a little explaining. The fact that a man can’t become a woman doesn’t.

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