Recommended Reading: Health Care Reform

Through Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs, government – with your tax dollars – pays for about half of all medical expenses in the country. It’s not just your health care that comes into play in this issue – it’s the health of your wallet.



The Cure

How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care

Dr. David Gratzer


Consumer Driven Health Care

How a Health Savings Account May Save Your Job and Solve America’s “Two Trillion Dollar Crisis”

Roger D. Blackwell, Ph.D.

Thomas E. Williams, M.D., Ph.D.


Healthy Competition

What’s Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It

Michael Cannon and Michael Tanner


Crisis of Abundance

Rethinking How We Pay For Health Care

Arnold King


Medicare Meets Mephistopheles

David A. Hyman


Lives at Risk
John Goodman, Gerald Musgrave and Devon Herrick


Consumer-Driven Health Care
Implications for Providers, Payers, and Policymakers

Regina Herzlinger


Your Doctor Is Not In
Healthy Skepticism About National Healthcare

Jane M. Orient, M.D.


How to Make Sense of Health Insurance in America
Timothy Pitcher


Miracle Cure
How To Solve America’s Health-Care Crisis And Why Canada Isn’t The Answer
Sally C. Pipes