Refuting 7 Lies Liberals Have Told Millennials About Conservatives

From John Hawkins:

The biggest reason young Americans tend to lean to the left is that they grow up immersed in liberalism. Their entertainment, music, teachers and college professors lean to the left. Meanwhile, since few young Americans follow politics avidly or are out in the real world enough to feel the sting of left-wing policies, the only place they typically get to hear the conservative position is from liberals. That’s like getting the history of WWII from Hitler – or Noam Chomsky, either/or – and expecting to get an accurate picture of what the Allies believed.

That puts these kids in a position where they are predisposed to believe the worst about conservatives and it makes it more difficult for them to stumble upon the truth. After all, if someone hurls a “When did you stop beating your wife?” style accusation at a conservative, he’s unlikely to respond in a calm, rational manner and kindly explain why that person has him all wrong. Once you’ve called someone a “racist,” “sexist” or “homophobe,” you’re unlikely to have much of a dialogue with him.

So, if you’re conservative, here’s something you can share with your sons, daughters, cousins and nephews to help refute the propaganda they’re being fed on a daily basis by the Left. Conservatism works and liberalism doesn’t; so if kids aren’t dying to get on the dole or brainwashed to hate us, most of them are going to choose conservatism if they’re allowed to make an informed choice.

1) Conservatives hate black Americans: Like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Mia Love? That’s funny because all of those black Americans seem to be extremely popular with conservatives. To liberals, “You’re a racist” has become little more than a way of saying, “I don’t like you or agree with what you just said.” However, anyone who pays the least bit of attention will notice that conservatives tend to like and agree with black conservatives just like liberals tend to like and agree with black liberals. At the end of the day, conservatives believe that people are people, no matter what their race, color or religion happens to be. It would be a better country if everyone felt the same way.

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