Reject Karen McConnaughay Money Magic

A press release from the For the Good of Illinois PAC.

For Immediate Release

You Don’t Have to Vote for A Crooked Politician

“Kane County Board Chairwoman Karen McConnaughay has presided over a legalized money laundering scheme,” said Adam Andrzejewski, Chairman of For The Good of Illinois PAC.

Hinsdale- Delivered to all Republican homes in the new IL Senate District 33, we describe the facts behind McConnaughay Money Magic. Corroborated by six independent public and newspaper sources, we explain a legalized money laundering scheme whereby public employment, salary spiking, pension padding, sweetheart inside deals and lucrative consulting contracts were converted into campaign cash.

“I personally signed this mailer. Voters don’t have to vote for yet another crooked Illinois politician,” said Adam Andrzejewski, former 2010 Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois. “Let’s not make the George Ryan mistake.”

Governors Thompson-Edgar-Ryan pioneered the patronage model. The Republican Party then split between political bosses who needed taxes to fund patronage, and our conservative, productive, tax-paying base.

“Illinois can’t afford the inside deals, pension abuse, ‘consulting contracts’, patronage and salary spiking,” stated Adam Andrzejewski. “Karen McConnaughay is running the old model of Republican power and Illinois can’t survive two patronage parties.”

Andrzejewski calls on the Republican primary voters of Kane & McHenry Counties to help bring A New Day to Illinois.

“Please help me reform the IL Republican party. We can’t reform Illinois if we don’t reform the party. And, we can’t reform the party if we elect politicians like Karen McConnaughay,” Andrzejewski concluded.

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