The Religion of Secularism and the Triumph of the Sexual Left

While I don’t agree with Taylor Lewis on everything, his article contains a lot of good information and links:

Prolific blogger Rod Dreher has a thing he calls the Law of Merited Impossibility. It goes, roughly, as follows: “If you believe x is going to happen, you’re crazy. But if it does, you bigots will deserve it.”

X can be any number of things. Think outlawing discrimination against transgendered fantasists individuals will lead to men peeing with girls and taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery? Well, you’re wrong, bigot! And if you aren’t, it doesn’t matter because Uncle Sam should be forking your money over to chop off Little Jimmy’s jimmy and turn him into Little Julie.

When liberals demand something sex-related, conservative concern over unintended consequences is ridiculed — even when it proves true.

Take Rick Santorum. When the former Pennsylvania senator said that the legalization of gay marriage will lead to polygamy back in 2011, he became a laughing stock on liberal news sites. I’m no Santorite, but I’ll be damned if the man wasn’t prescient. On the day the Supreme Court struck down state-wide bans on gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, Politico ran a piece titled, “It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy.” The sexual left wasted no time waiting for the ruling to cool before staking out their next target. With the chummy gals of the polygamist “Sister Wives” reality TV show urging the Supreme Court to take up legalizing multi-marriage, it’s only a matter a time before holy matrimony is made into a de jure team sport.

The Left has mastered the art of marginal persuasion by shaming their opponents out of following propositions to their logical conclusion. But any conservative not lying to himself knows what’s actually at play behind the progressive push for pure sexual autonomy: the wiping out of religious norms in public life. Of course, proponents of the gay agenda dismiss the charges. And now we have proof that no amount of denial can refute.

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