Rep. Walsh Introduces Palestinian Accountability Act

I have to say I like what Congressman Joe Walsh has been doing – here’s another example:

WASHINGTON– Today, Rep. Joe Walsh introduced the Palestinian Accountability Act, H.R. 2457. This is the second bill in defense of Israel that Congressman Walsh has introduced. His first, H.R.1501, would withhold funding from the United Nations until it officially retracts the Goldstone Report, a 2009 U.N. report that accused Israel of war crimes

“We all want peace in the Middle East, but not a forced peace that sacrifices the safety and security of our ally Israel,” said Walsh. “This bill will finally bring accountability to the Middle East peace process and compel the Palestinian Authority to disavow terrorism and recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

“Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority must be fully committed to peace for any peace talks to succeed. So far the Palestinian Authority has not committed itself to peace. It continues to promote hatred against Israel, encourage terrorism against innocent Israelis, and has entered into a coalition with Hamas, the terrorist organization that has vowed Israel’s destruction. To this day, the Palestinian Authority has still refused to even accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. We must force the Palestinian Authority to take the peace process seriously and this bill will do just that.”

Among its various provisions, the Palestinian Accountability Act will require the following actions from the Palestinian Authority as prerequisites for any U.S. aid:

•That it end corruption, promote democracy, and stop influencing elections in Palestinian territories;

•Strongly condemn terrorism, bring terrorists to justice, and end the incitement to violence and hatred;

•Recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state;

•And either exclude Hamas from government or publicly bind it to this Act’s requirements.

In addition, should the United Nations or any of its entities unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state, the United States will withhold funding from the United Nations until the Secretary of State has certified that the Palestinian Authority has met this Act’s requirements.

Congressman Walsh is a member of the House Republican Israel Caucus and has previously introduced H.R. 1501, to withhold U.S. funding from the United Nations.

The above is posted here on Rep. Walsh’s website.