Republican Leadership Failures Caused Donald Trump’s Rise

I’d only add to Erick Erickson’s words below that GOP leaders mostly don’t fight because they’re ignorant of how to conduct a battle in the information war. Here’s Erickson:

The number one thing you hear when you ask any Republican about Donald Trump is this — he fights. You hear it from Rush Limbaugh. You hear it from other talk radio show hosts. You hear it from the base. You hear it even from some Democrats. And in all cases, you hear it somewhat admirably. They may not like or endorse Trump, but they respect that he just doesn’t give a crap and fights.

If you need any further proof that Republican leadership in Washington created the conditions through which Donald Trump has risen, the Pew Poll has more.

“The current survey finds that positive views of the GOP among Republicans have declined 18 percentage points since January, from 86% to 68%. Independents also view the Republican Party less favorably; 29% today, compared with 37% six months ago.”

Now, consider what the Republican Party has done in that time.

  • They’ve refused to pass a late-term abortion bill in the House because a handful of members objected.
  • They gave Barack Obama a blank check to raise the debt limit.
  • They punted on Obamacare fights.
  • They’ve refused to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • They’ve taken retaliatory actions against conservative members who’ve stood up for Republican Party principles.
  • They’ve worked to fund the Export-Import Bank.
  • They have refused to stop Barack Obama’s ongoing assault against the free market.
  • They have passed the buck to courts to stop Obama on immigration, etc.

In short, the GOP has not fought. They have not been aggressive. They have been so scared of being disliked that they have become disliked. That is the reality.

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