Illinois Republicans on defending marriage: Lazy, uninformed, and irresponsible

Christopher Wills’ recent article at Real Clear Politics is titled “Illinois politicians mostly quiet on gay marriage.” No big surprise there, since I can only think of a handful of Republican elected officials in the state (including at the local, state, and federal level) who could put two coherent sentences together on defending the institution of marriage.

So what if it’s the building block of civilization. Those men and women have more important things to do—like to continue to keep the government from fiscal insanity. Oh, wait, they’re failing in that responsibility too. Disregard that “more important things to do” statement.

Here’s the opening of Wills’ piece:

As much of the political world debated President Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage this week, Illinois officials and candidates greeted it with virtual silence.

Democratic and Republican candidates stuck to talking about jobs and the economy. Illinois leaders had little to say, in part because many of them had already endorsed gay marriage.

The chief exception was Gov. Pat Quinn, who after years of vague answers said through a spokeswoman Thursday that he now “stands with the president.”

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