(UPDATED) Republicans are the problem–example #1: The U.S. House majority

So, let’s see, if we put the Republicans in charge of the White House and the U.S. Congress our problems are solved, right? Wrong. Not only did we not see anything solved during the Bush/Hastert years, now under GOP control the U.S. House has a spending problem. Folks, of course we need to elect Republicans, but then we need to raise holy hell to keep the pressure on them so if they fail the public will understand the nature of their failure (it’s not because they were too conservative!).

It wouldn’t hurt to have a lot of 2014 primary challengers ready in the wings. The following is from RedState.com:

More Evidence the GOP is Not Serious About Spending

I have repeatedly bemoaned the Republicans (and Democrats) for not doing enough to cut spending. Sixteen trillion dollars in debt and rising. Trillion dollar deficits. Billions of dollars spent every day.

Well, the incredibly resourceful Club for Growth is out with another look at the GOP and Democrats’ commitment to cutting spending this morning, and it isn’t pretty.

The Club has compiled a mini-scorecard of clean spending cut amendments from appropriations bills recently considered in the House. What they have found is, yet again, depressing.

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UPDATE: In a post titled “House GOP Abandons Fiscal Conservative Principles” Richard Viguerie said this:

As we’ve said many times before, we won’t have conservative government until we get principled conservative leaders in Congress. There are many Republicans in Congress who claim to be conservative, but apparently there are none in the House leadership who will actually fight for conservative principles on spending.