Ride the Thunder Movie Nationwide Release Begins!

Ride the Thunder started as a true story of the Vietnam War that needed to be told, and retired Marine, Richard Botkin, was the author.

Now that amazing and true story has become a big-screen movie, and with the approach of Memorial Day, the nation-wide release commences.

The premiere on March 27, 2015, in Westminster, CA, was an overwhelming success.

Audiences cried out in anger, shed tears of remembered hardships, sorrows and loss, and applauded the heroics and bravery of the American and South Vietnamese Veterans.

So visceral was the response, that word of mouth spread news of the film like a wildfire torched by the Santa Anas. The Regency in Westminster added more screens and those additional screens subsequently sold out.

Buzz rippled through military and Vietnamese communities, gaining momentum with each passing day.

The Ride the Thunder “family,” via email, Facebook, Twitter, messages and more, began to field rapid-fire questions concerning the national and EVEN international release.

What has become increasingly clear: America was thirsty for the truth about Vietnam. Veterans — both American and then South Vietnamese (many of whom are now extremely patriotic naturalized American citizens) — are past due the recognition and honor they more than deserve.

Well America…the truth is coming.


Let’s face it, when the truth is told, obvious lies become apparent.

And MANY lies have been told for the last 40 years plus concerning the Vietnam War.

Americans were not told that we were fighting the Communists, nor that we were fighting with the South Vietnamese, whose “tours” often lasted a decade or more.

The few movies made about the Vietnam War, by and large, portrayed the American Soldiers and Marines as less than honorable and full of moral failings.

Most of America never was told about the thousands upon thousands of South Vietnamese imprisoned by the Communists. Most of the South Vietnamese had no idea WHY the Americans left the fight, allowed the Communist north to takeover and subjugate and kill thousands in South Vietnam.

Ride the Thunder fills in the gaps of our country’s understanding of the war.

Every Veteran and their family, everyone of Vietnamese descent, every history teacher and student…all must see this film.

Richard Nixon said:

“No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now.”

Ride the Thunder movie is a project that will at least start to change that national misremembrance.

And Ride the Thunder is a movie which will, hopefully, begin to give our Vietnam Veterans their proper place of honor in history.


Circle the date. Tell all your friends and loved ones.

And then watch as THE TRUTH eradicates a blight of lies in our history books and media.

America and her military, with the South Vietnamese warriors, were fighting a righteous war in Vietnam; it’s high-time the world understood.

See WND’s Chelsea Schilling’s interviews with reaction to the movie at the premiere:

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