Romney Comes to the Rescue of the First Amendment? Give me a Break!

If you like the Illinois GOP, you’ll love Mitt Romney, Part 12.

Steve Baldwin’s article with the above title sums up four Romney lies so nicely I thought it’s worth revisiting this issue again.

Baldwin writes:

Romney stepped into [recent First Amendment] brouhaha by denouncing this action as an assault upon the First Amendment which, of course, guarantees the freedom to practice one’s religion without government interference. He even heroically said he would overturn such regulations if elected President.

The problem with Romney’s bravado is that when he had the opportunity to defend religious freedom while Governor of Massachusetts, he always sided with the anti-religious bigots.

1. The emergency contraception issue.

In 2005, the Massachusetts legislature passed a bill requiring all hospitals to provide women with the abortion pill. Romney actually vetoed this bill, an action that has become a fixture in pro-Romney propaganda “proving” he fought for pro-lifers while Governor. What the Romney forces don’t mention, however, is that Romney reversed himself just two days later!”

2. The Catholic Charities adoption issue.

As a result of some media attention regarding an adoption program operated by Catholic Charities, Romney’s Department of Social Services informed Catholic Charities that to be in compliance with the state’s anti-discrimination law, they could not refuse to place children with homosexual couples.

3. Romney’s role in implementing same-sex “marriage.”

Contrary to popular mythology, same-sex marriage exists in Massachusetts solely due to the actions of Gov. Romney. When the state supreme court issued the Goodridge decision, Romney unilaterally implemented the decision even though he was NOT a party to the lawsuit.

4. Romney failed to respect the religious rights of parents.

During Romney’s term of office there were a number of outrageous incidents in which the first amendment rights of parents were trampled upon as they attempted to protect their children from homosexual propaganda in the schools. This occurred despite parental rights laws on the books that gave parents the right to exempt their children from “human sexuality issues” that may be incompatible with a family’s religious beliefs.

Here’s Baldwin’s excellent conclusion:

[O]ur media – even our “conservative” media – have failed to report anything substantial about Romney’s horribly liberal record, millions of voters are flocking to support his “conservative” candidacy. God help us.

Click here to read the entire article which contains all of the details set out in a concise manner.

Friends, Romney’s behavior mirrors that of the Illinois Republican Party’s over the past many years. If you are comfortable with your own IL GOP, you’ll feel warm and cozy with old Mitt.