Romney: He’s just not that into you

Good questions from Steve Deace (with one bit of emphasis added):

The way I see it, there are three key questions:

1) Will we finally realize that unless we stand our ground and return to our founding principles we’re doomed as a civilization, or will we continue to whore ourselves out?

2) Do we understand that there will be no defeating of the left until we defeat the GOP establishment, which acts as the left’s human shields? Therefore, supporting any candidates who will play nice with the GOP establishment is a waste of time no matter how much they claim to love Jesus.

3) Will we continue to lower God’s standard so that all a Republican has to do to earn our vote is kill one less unborn baby, steal one less dollar and tell one less lie than the Democrats? How can we demand the culture raise its moral standard if we will not raise our own? For example, how can we decry Obamacare’s taxpayer-funded child killing when many of us were silent while Romneycare offered it first for just $50?

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