Romney Muzzling Paul Ryan – Campaign Sinking

From Richard Viguerie:

The latest polls show that, seven weeks from Election Day, Mitt Romney’s content-free campaign is at the crisis point we have seen coming.

Unemployment is still above 8% and American foreign policy in the Middle East is a shambles, yet in the midst of these Obama-created disasters CNN’s Opinion Research poll now has Obama at 52% nationally. Obama is also up by 11 points in the crucial state of Pennsylvania and is leading in Virginia and Florida according to other reliable polling.

This is an incredible indictment of Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy.

This isn’t something the Romney campaign can fix by tinkering at the margins or hiring a new ad maker to carpet bomb Obama the last two weeks before the election; it requires a fundamental shift in the thinking and focus of the campaign.

We keep reminding Governor Romney that Republicans never ever win the presidency unless the election is nationalized and a bold contrast is drawn between a conservative Republican agenda and the liberal Democratic agenda.

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