Romney’s peace through strength: GOP candidate would put an end to the apology tours

An editorial from the Washington Times:

The best way to sum up Mitt Romney’s approach to foreign policy is: Build peace through strength rather than generate contempt through apology. Mr. Romney laid out this vision for American national security at the Virginia Military Institute on Monday. President Obama’s camp predictably dismissed this point of view as “outside of the mainstream and often to the right of even George W. Bush.”

This is from the administration which has made targeted killings the centerpiece of its counterterrorism strategy. This is from the administration that has attempted — poorly — to make a legal case for assassinating U.S. citizens abroad. The Obama campaign can’t even claim to be consistent, having admitted many of Mr. Romney’s positions are identical to its own. As Ronald Reagan said to a previous generation of liberals, “Fellows, you can’t have it both ways. [I] can’t be a wild-eyed kook and a square.”

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