Video: Ron Paul : We’re Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff

Quotes from an interview with Ron Paul ran in the Washington Times:

Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. ‘far gone’

“We’re so far gone. We’re over the cliff.”

“We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next 5-10 years who will do wise things.”

“The people in the Midwest voted against him: ‘Oh, we have to be taken care of!’ So that vote was sort of like what we are laughing at in Greece.”

“People do not want anything cut. They want all the bailouts to come. They want the Fed to keep printing the money. And they don’t believe that we’ve gone off the cliff or are close to going off the cliff. They think we can patch it over, that we can somehow come up with some magic solution. But you can’t have a budgetary solution if you don’t change what the role of government should be. As long as you think we have to police the world and run this welfare state, all we are going to argue about is who will get the loot.”

Watch the interview here: