Rush Limbaugh: ‘Everything’s Personal Now, on the Republican Side’

If only these establishment RINOs and establishment conservatives would’ve cared as much about learning how to fight and win the information war. Here’s Rush Limbaugh:

I talked to a guy last night who is in the so-called conservative movement who deals with a lot of young conservative media types, and he told me they all hate Trump, it’s horrible, they’re all talking about voting for Hillary. And he said all these Democrats Trump’s bringing in I’m worried how many people on the Republican side they cancel out by not voting. I think a lot of it’s just talk right now.

I talked to a guy who has a lot of friends who are in the, quote, unquote, conservative media. I’m not talking about the mainstream media here. And he’s telling me it’s driving him crazy how obstinate and single-minded and stupid they are. They hate Trump. They despise Trump because they think they should. They’re young, aspiring conservatives. They all want to be David Brooks. They all want to be Bill Kristol. They want to get a book deal, a Fox News gig and maybe a Saturday New York Times column.

So they do whatever they think they have to do to get that. And part of doing what they have to do to get that right now is make everybody know they don’t like Trump. And they claim to be conservative. This is not a media thing. This is not the New York Post or the New York Times or the Washington Post telling me this.

My only point to you — only question — is, I don’t… I’m the guy who pointed out that Trump’s bringing Democrats in! That isn’t news. I’m the guy that pointed out that Trump’s coalition happens to be exactly what the Republican Party has always claimed it needed and wanted in order to be able to win the White House. Now that Trump’s the one putting it together, they don’t seem to be interested. But on the other side of this, my question is, all those Democrats, what happens if those numbers are canceled out by a similar number of Republicans who hate Trump either not voting or voting for Hillary?

There’s no answer to the question. I’m just positing. As I say, that’s now. This is March, not even April. And a lot of people have their noses out of joint. Folks, you just have no idea. Despite my best efforts to try to convey to you the emotions and the thinking of the people I’m talking about, these are people, in many cases, whose very… Their own self-esteem, their self-worth, the things they tell themselves every night to reassure themselves how great they are, how important they are?

They tell themselves that they are crucially important to the outcome of events. They shape opinion in their minds. And they are facing a hard, cold reality here with the existence of Trump in the campaign. They have, from the first moment Trump got in the race, maligned him, impugned him, ripped him, criticized him, mocked him. They’ve done it on TV, they’ve written about it, and it hasn’t mattered! They haven’t been able to stop Trump. And they are questioning their own self-worth. They don’t want to do this. They do not want to think of themselves as irrelevant or ineffective.

And because they’re facing that reality, their anger is multiplying at Trump.

I guess what I’m saying is, you don’t realize how personal this to a lot of people who have devoted their lives to thinking that they matter when it comes to shaping public opinion, influencing public opinion, defining certain things such as intellectual conservatism. Or, if it’s not intellectual conservatism, defining what it is to be a good moderate, or defining what it is to be whatever it is. There’s a lot of people here shaking their heads. And those are the people — not all, obviously, but many of the people — saying, “I’m voting for Hillary! I’ll never vote for Trump. I couldn’t possibly. I’m staying home.”

Those are people.

I’m telling you, this is affecting them personally.

Everything’s personal now, on the Republican side…

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