Rush Limbaugh offers great advice to a couple of Democratic pollsters


Now, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a interesting piece today in the Wall Street Journal. And it’s not the first piece these two guys have written, Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen. Caddell, pollster for Jimma Carter, Schoen, a pollster for Bill Clinton. These two guys wrote a number of pieces leading up to the 2010 midterms warning Obama and warning the Democrats what was about to befall them unless they did X, Y, and Z. And the Democrats and Obama did not listen to their advice, they did not do X, Y, and Z, and they had their lunch handed to them. Caddell and Schoen totally predicted the wipeout that was the 2010 midterm elections. So now they are back with a piece in the Wall Street Journal which basically suggests that Obama should quit, announce that he’s not going to run, just like Truman did, just like LBJ did.

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