Rush Limbaugh: There is No End to the Agenda of the Radical Left Wing

A week ago I penned an articled in the hope of getting through to some Illinois Republicans who think appeasing the lefties on the pseudo “homosexual marriage” issue is a way to win support. In other words, let’s drop our principles and adopt the wrong policy position in order to win elections.

The problem is there is no end to what the radical social policy lefties want. I keep trying to tell people that we’re only at the T in LGBT — and there are a lot more letters to follow!

Here’s a part of a conversation Rush Limbaugh had with a caller last week regarding an editorial from the Charlotte Observer. Here’s the opening — and then an excerpt from the exchange found later in the post:

Charlotte Observer: Get Over Fear of Male Genitalia, Ladies

RUSH: The Charlotte Observer says that every woman and girl in the United States needs to just get over the fear of male genitalia in their bathrooms.

CALLER: I think that these poor students in these schools… I feel for ’em. I pray for ’em every day, because if I were one of those girls in that bathroom, I wouldn’t want some guy dressed as a girl coming into the bathroom. I would feel unsafe.

RUSH: No, no. You’re supposed to get used to it now. You supposed to overcome that. That’s an antiquated notion of discomfort that shouldn’t any longer be a factor in your life. You’re supposed to be able to overcome that. The Charlotte Observer says today: No matter how old you are, get over it.

CALLER: But that’s not the way it is! In reality, they are what —

RUSH: The problem is… That’s exactly it. Dagmar, “the way it is” is what’s wrong. “The way it’s been” is what’s wrong. And “what it is” is gone, and what it should have been all along — and what we’re gonna make it be — is what’s happening.

CALLER: This is the same thing they’ve been doing since fifties: Give ’em an inch and they take a mile. It’s incrementalism, where they start.

RUSH: Now you’re right about that.

CALLER: You know, you’ve gotta have bathrooms for boys and girls, but other bathrooms — ’cause then what they feel comfortable with —

RUSH: It’s exactly right. It never ends.

CALLER: It never ends.

RUSH: There is no end. None of this is ever solved. You’re exactly right. There is no end, and they never go away. Every proposal, every identified “problem” and “solution,” there actually is never a solution.

CALLER: No, because they need more and more control over us, and that’s why they keep doing this. Give ’em an inch and they always take a mile. I’ve been in the Target bathroom in Newark, Ohio. And, yes, there was a man in my bathroom. I saw him walk in as I was getting ready to come out of my stall. I closed the door. I’m thinking… He wasn’t dressed as a woman. He was dressed as a man.

CALLER: Yeah, they have bathrooms for men and they have bathrooms for women. They also have a family bathroom. Why can’t you just have a bathroom that’s either gender — like you said, where it’s one stall, one sink — if you go in there? I’d feel comfortable in that bathroom.

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