Rush Limbaugh: ‘There is Politics in Everything’

A couple of weeks ago Rush Limbaugh was making one of the many good points he makes — this one had to do with the fact that everything these days is political. Anyone exposing themselves to news and information the web, TV, and yes radio too, needs to be aware of the “narrative” that is constantly running — and it’s not by accident.

When I constantly complain about the Republican and conservative failure in the information war, this is what I’m talking about. The political left is serious about getting their message out, while the political right mostly sits around hoping and praying that their message gets out.

In the excerpt below, Rush starts by telling about a conversation he had with friends about why he doesn’t listen to National Public Radio (NPR):

One of them said, “Have you heard that podcast Serial?” I said, “The thing that ran on NPR?” “Yeah, yeah, it was great.” I said, “No, I didn’t.” “Why not?” “Because it’s NPR.” “Come on. Are you serious you’re not gonna…?” “That’s right.” I said, “There is politics in everything. I am not gonna expose myself to the stuff that they use to entrap people.” I could not make this guy understand that there’s an agenda, a political agenda to everything the left does.

This has been one of my quests, by the way. It has been one of my objectives to get as many people as possible to understand that everything they see is political. Some of it’s well disguised, but everything is to advance the Democrat Party agenda one way or the other, particularly if it’s in the pop culture. That’s where some of the most deadly liberalism is found. It’s well hidden, and it is camouflaged. It’s not quite to the level of subliminal because you can point it out to people if you know how to spot it.

But the open resistance that I met? Nah, nah. People don’t want to think that. They don’t want to think that they’re being fooled by something, number one, that they just think is entertainment. But it’s the Democrat agenda first, Democrat agenda last, Democrat agenda always, and part of the Democrat agenda is making as many people as possible think they’re victims. And victims of what? A racist, capitalist America. If they can pull that off, then that’s a success.

Plus the beauty from the Democrats of at some point making people think they’re victims is they’re not responsible. It’s always somebody else’s fault! Therefore, they’ve got enemies. And here come liberal Democrat politicians understanding the plight they’re in and offering to go fix it, get even with those people that are doing these horrible things to ’em. Not hiring them, or making fun of them, or whatever it is.

And they’re gonna get even with these powerful forces (usually on the right, usually Republicans), and so they want as many people victimized as possible. So if you teach Americans that they aren’t victims, you tell people that there’s more self-determination their life than they ever thought and they have much more control over the outcome of their life? You start teaching them that? You start telling people they can be better than they are, that they’re capable of much more than they think?

And that there isn’t a whole deck stacked against ’em, no more than against anybody else, that everybody else has obstacles to overcome, so go and attack them. You teach Americans to do that, you would undercut the entire Democrat Party message. The Democrat Party message is, “The deck is so stacked against you that you can’t overcome all that without us, and what will we do? We will get those obstacles out of your way, and if we fail to get them out of the way, we will punish them!

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