Rush Limbaugh is at the Top of His Game

I’ve thought this for over a year now as I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh explain over and over and over again the phenomenon of the Donald Trump campaign: Rush is at the top of his game. Today was another one of those days — and even though I didn’t get to listen to all of it, from reading through the transcripts I know he was.

Here are the five headlines/links to his transcripts that went out in his post-show email:

You’d Better Steel Your Spines, Folks — Because I’ve Never Seen It Like This
Liberals Trash the Clinton Victims Again!
Republicans Don’t Want to Win
John Harwood, Democrat Operative
More Jaw-Dropping Revelations in the WikiLeaks Clinton Email Dump

Here’s an excerpt from “John Harwood, Democrative Operative”:

RUSH: Rush Limbaugh, cool, calm, collected, enraged at the same time. Spine of steel, do not cave, do not waver, do not bend to the all-out assault here that is the daily soap opera narrative. We are being pummeled with it. It’s important that you not believe. Even this Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that shows Hillary up 11. You know, it’s normally a three-day poll. They reported it with only two days average to get max impact post-release of the Trump audio.

The sample is skewed. It’s all out of whack. It is classic disinformation, classic misinformation. And we find out the people who did this particular poll are working for the Clinton campaign. One name is Geoff Garin, what’s the other guy, Peter Hart, whatever, the people that did this particular poll, NBC News/Wall Street Journal showing Hillary up 11, have direct ties to the Clinton campaign. There is no separation. There is no boundary. There is no media. Everything is the left and the Democrat Party, and members have their assignments.

Some are assigned to be in the media. Some are assigned to be journalists. Some are assigned to be producers. Others are assigned to run for office. Others are assigned to be bureaucrats writing regulations, unelected bureaucrats and so forth. One of these people is John Harwood.

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