Same sex cultural imperialism

From American Thinker’s editor Thomas Lifson:

For decades the American left made a business of denouncing “cultural imperialism,” the imposition of Western values on third world cultures. Coca-Colonialism, as it was sometimes caricatured, needed resistance abroad and at home. So the left came up with “multiculturalism,” which held we cannot judge other cultures, and all must be equally respected.In practice, the only culture which could be judged harshly was our own. Multiculturalism is now the dominant ideology of education and government.And gay rights, which has dopted the rainbow flag as its symbol, has been seen as an integral part of that theory.

But one exception is made to the respect demanded for non-Western values: same sex marriage, and more broadly, the normalization of homosexuality. Without question, this cause is the product of advanced Western cultures – exactly the same cultures which colonized the world a century and more ago, in fact. Those imperialist cultures are now telling the third world that our values trump theirs, and they had better get with the program.

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