San Francisco Teachers’ Union Offers Sick Anti-Trump Propaganda as Lesson Plan

Here are a two good examples of the kind of indoctrination going on in American public (government-run) schools. First up is Debra Heine writing at PJ Media:

Left-wing indoctrination in the public schools has been a problem for decades and it’s getting worse. Remember the early days of the Obama administration when liberal teachers literally had their students singing songs of homage to our historic new president? Creepy and alarming videos kept emerging online showing kids praising President Obama as if he were some sort of deity.

In February of 2009, for instance, children in one class were taught “The Obama Song,”  featuring the following lines: “Obama is the President! First African America in history 44th president of the United States! The ground has shifted, the world has changed!  Oooo I’m a proud American Oooo yes yes yes yes YES WE CAN!”

And who can forget the infamous “Mmm mmm mmm!” song, which seemed to be loosely based on “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” but substituted Jesus with Obama.

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Here is Rush Limbaugh:

Trump Victory Exposes Deranged Left

From the deranged America Stack. U.K. Daily Mail. Ready for this? “Parents slam Texas high school after two 10th graders were allowed to perform skit portraying the assassination of Donald Trump in front of classmates. Two sophomores at Marshall High School in San Antonio, Texas, were reprimanded after skit titled ‘The Assassination of Donald Trump’.

“One of the boys made a gunfire sound effect with his cellphone while the other boy, who played Trump, fell to the ground. The teacher apologized and stopped her students, school officials said. But Harold and Melinda Bean, parents of another student, were upset that harsher measures were not taken.”

I want you to imagine if this had happened eight years ago or four years ago and it was Barack Hussein Obama who had been portrayed as having been assassinated. Can you believe — folks, I’m developing a theory, and I don’t want to get too deep into it now. The left appears to me to be genuinely imploding, and I mean imploding to the point that low-information people are going to see how wacko they are. I think the nature of this implosion is going to be their marginalization.

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