Sara Carter: A Passion For Truth

It’s called journalism. Conservative money people need to start funding it or we will lose the country. Here is Jeffrey Lord:

Get Carter was the name of the film, an old crime drama starring Michael Caine as a man returned home to investigate his brother’s death in Newcastle, England. Because he is asking too many questions, very quickly it is Carter himself who becomes the target of the bad guys.

The name of the film occurs as one watches longtime journalist Sara Carter dig in relentlessly to the Trump/Russia collusion story – only to find out that the trail of collusion involves the Hillary Clinton campaign and pro-Hillary FBI higher-ups who loathed Donald Trump so much they spent their time texting and plotting how to do in his candidacy – and then his presidency.

A trip to the Carter website reveals headlines like these:

FBI informant on Uranium One Breaks Silence

New Report Exposes Strzok and Page Texts

Referral Suggests Clinton Friends Were “Feeding” British Spy Information

Nunes, HPSCI Continue Oversight While Detractors Implicated in Transparency Attack

Intelligence Committee Reveals Weakly Sourced Doc Used for FISA Application

Attorney For FBI Informant Presses DOJ For Leak Investigation

Suffice to say, these are not the kinds of stories one finds in the mainstream media. Thorough, detailed, they are journalism at its best, the 21st-century shoe-leather reporting once made famous by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as the two young Washington Post reporters uncovered the massive story their more experienced, Establishment seniors in journalism missed.

. . .

Eerily, Carter today is pursuing a story that, as with Watergate, has a presidential campaign using funds to, as the Post put it back then, “gather intelligence” on the opposition. In today’s case its the Hillary Clinton campaign paying an intermediary, Fusion GPS, to pay the ex-British spy Christopher Steele for a Trump dossier concocted by Russians. One might say the more things change, the more they stay the same. You might call it Tales from the Deep State.

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